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We are HONG KONG originated company dedicated to design and manufacture professional and high reliability Electrical/Electronic Power Supply Units.

The company is founded in 2004 by a venture of highly skilled French Engineers and financial investors. The most directors have experience from international companies like Schlumberger and Memec and were dedicated to power design and market development.

 We have been dedicated in this field for more than 7 years. Our operations are located in south of China in order to offer more than simple electronic power supply to our customers but service, solutions and customizations fitting with his requirements.

Our R&D team has solid capability to turn into high performance and low cost design any request of our customer regarding the power supply. Our Quality team is at the edge of knowledge about the applicable standards and norms for safety and Energy Saving.

We always introduce new designs and new models in order to keep competitiveness and low cost solution. We offer our customer the opportunity to customize the design for their request. We can handle small volume as well as high volume and keep ourselves always competitive for all our customers.

Our factory is set up to meet the high class manufacturing of electronic power devices. Each Unit produced by us reflects the quality and commitment for reliability and long life operation

We are committing to keep the customer as our key priority and customer’s satisfaction is our simple daily policy